After having my second baby, weight loss was a nightmare for me.My baby was born premature and unwell, he had to stay in the hospital for a while, that’s when my journey eating unhealthy food ona  daily basis started. I have returned to wearing my pregnancy clothes. I couldn’t tolerate my body neither my look.… read more

Maya Feghaly

I met Rasha in Doha 7 years ago and since, she became my personal dietician , my health coach and my motivator. Rasha is a very experienced dietician, good listener, calm and always goes the extra mile. She takes the time to explain the details of each step in my diet, to let me feel… read more

Mona S.

Can’t recommend anyone other than Racha, to be your backup and support during your journey to a healthier lifestyle! Our relationship, yes i will call it relationship, started back in 2016, when i was negligent, not understanding the importance of being in good shape, and by good shape i mean a healthy one, she stood… read more

B. El Khoury

I’ve been suffering with a yo-yo weight for a while, in addition to that I’ve discovered few years ago that I have pcos (polysystic ovary syndrome), Which made weight loss a nightmare … I started eating healthy, avoiding gluten,dairy, refined sugar and poultry …. I jogged a lot, did some yoga and still didn’t manged… read more

Lara D

Being 27 kilos overweight, after having my first baby, had its mental, social, psychological, physical and health implications on me. It’s no secret that when I turned down almost most of the social invitations and gatherings, had increased fights with my husband, pain in my joints and feet that I was passing through some physical,… read more