Our website address is: https://www.nutriblooms.com.au.

The intent of this document is to explain how NutriBlooms protects your personal information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Act 1988.

NutriBlooms is referred to as ‘We’, ‘Ours’ or ‘Us’ below.

Collecting Information

NutriBlooms collects information if you request a service from us. We collect the information through our website, using email or written communications, consent forms, SMS, phone, and video calls or during consultation sessions.

Information we collect can include:

  • Personal details (Name and Surname, date of birth, address, religion, gender, contact details, occupation, weight, height)
  • Billing information and/or payment details
  • Insurance or healthcare providers details
  • Cultural background, dietary habits, your lifestyle, and daily physical activities
  • Medical history and lab test results
  • Medications taken in the past or currently
  • Your doctor details

We understand the nature of the information are personal, so we only collect those we require to provide our services and as permitted by law, we also classify them as ‘sensitive’ information to be dealt with utmost security and protection.

Although requested information is optional, some details could be essential to provide our service, and hiding or providing incorrect information could risk the outcome of our services.

Use, Disclosure and Share of Information

We will use the information collected for the purpose of providing the service you requested via our website or in person at our clinic, and as we have advised we are collecting it.

We will use the information to communicate with you as part of our services to provide you with consultancy feedback, appointment confirmation and invoices via phone call, email, post, SMS, or video conference calls.

We may share your health information with insurance or health care provider as authorized by you.

If you have signed up to our advertisements and newsletters, you will receive such communications via emails, post, or SMS with the option to opt out at any time.

We share part of your information with third parties (within Australia or overseas) only after receiving your consent or as permitted by law to enhance our services and facilitate booking requests. Information shared with third parties will be protected in accordance with their Privacy Policy, which can be provided upon request.

Other uses of the information could be as per the consent we receive from you, as the law require, or as permitted under the Privacy Act.

Storing your Personal Information

We store your information electronically and/or as hard copy. Generally, we scan and then destroy the hard copies, yet at instances we maintain some documents in hard copy and store them in a protected and safe place.

Electronically saved information is on a password protected computer, with access on a ‘need to know’ basis.

Access and Correction to Personal Information

You may request a copy or ask correction to your personal information by contacting us on: Info@NutriBlooms.com.au or by visiting our clinic.

To provide copy of your information, we may ask for some verifications before providing such information, or reject request as permitted by the law.


Our website might use ‘cookies’ for the sake of enhancing your experience by identifying our users. This allows us to collect information on how our website is used for future enhancement, helps enhancing our advertisement displays, and to receive details about users accessing the website.

You may be able to disable cookies from your browser, but some features on our website might not work properly.

Links to external pages on our website are not governed by our Privacy Policy. When accessing external pages / websites through our website, shared personal or non-personal information will not be protected under our Privacy Policy.

Queries and Feedback

For more information, questions or queries about this privacy policy or your information, please email us on info@NutriBlooms.com.au or visit our clinic.

We make regular review of our privacy policy and update as found appropriate, our link to the privacy policy on our website will be updated accordingly.