During the session we focus on the nutritional assessment and requirements of your child. NutriBlooms dietitian will assess your child’s growth, medical and feeding history, dietary intake. Based on this we will work with parents to develop goals and strategies for supporting your child’s nutrition and eating behavior.

In the review session we do:

  • Body composition Analysis using our extremely precise InBody Scan machine to measure your body parts individually, and then give you results explanation*
    • Update your InBody mobile app with the new results to track your progress
    • Review and reassess your nutritional needs
    • Update your meal plan if needed
    • Review your health conditions progress


Face to Face clinic INITIAL Consultation ($90)

Includes complementary InBody Body Composition Analysis

*Special offer 25%, now just for $67.50

Online INITIAL consultation ($75)

*Special offer 25%, now just for $56.25

Face to Face REVIEW Consultation ($75)

*Special offer 25%, now just for $56.25

Online REVIEW consultation ($55)

*Special offer 25%, now just for $41.25

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